At the start of Indonesia’s communication industry history, CBN has been one of
    the pioneer in that strongly emerged from its focus in business, commitment in
    service and endless product innovations. CBN is the leading ICT company in
    Indonesia, providing the most reliable Internet Services, Data Center, Cloud
    Computing and Interactive TV. CBN has thousands of kilometers Fiber Optic
    Network infrastructure and growing rapidly since in Indonesia since 1996.


To be the leader in the Information and Communication Technology industry by providing outstanding and trustworthy services to exceed our customers' expectations.


  • To provide solution in telecommunication to our customers through innovative technology.
  • To provide an excellent products and customer service.
  • To maintain integrity and high standard of personnel's performance and knowledge development.



We apply transparency in commitment to our service level agreement.


We focus in finding solutions through value added services.

Passion for Customer

We attempt to achieve customers' satisfaction by delivering on the best.

Respect & Empathy

We listen and address our customers' issues, and respond with sympathetic measures.


We are the pioneers in the development and implementation the latest of technology, not to mention total solutions services packages.

What We Have Achieved

With vast number of demands for reliable network infrastructure, we realized how telecommunication companies depend on a good infrastructure to run their business.

CBN was established in 1995 as an Internet Service Provider to provide Internet services for business customers. In 2000, we started using Wireless and In-Building Ethernet Technology to distribute our Internet service. As CBN grew rapidly, we started to deliver our Internet and Network services using our own Fiber Optic network in 2005. With the support from a committed and the best engineering team, CBN started to build its way towards to become one of the leading telecommunication technology company in Indonesia.