CBN Domestic Networks

We build our robust services with the latest and most reliable technology infrastructure in ICT industry. CBN builds its own Data Center, Cloud Computing, Contact Center & Business Process Outsourcing, Content Digital and also infrastructure solutions for the development of Fiber Optic throughout Indonesia.

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Build on the same infrastructure that allows CBN to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve over thousands of corporate customers on a monthly basis and provide storage for over 50,000 users in Indonesia. CBN Service Platform's locations provide low latency, low cost, and high availability.


Multiple points of presence across the nation provides strong redundancy. Your data is automatically mirrored across storage devices in multiple locations. In addition to that, we have also placed additional equipments to support our own CBN Metro Infrastructure.

Our CBN Metro Infrastructure allows you to have redundant connection, an Ethernet access ring resiliency, for sub 50 ms resiliency (should a cable failure was detected within the building) and highly efficient bandwidth aggregation in a switched Ethernet ring topology. Therefore, users will not experience any downtime since the connection will be backed up with the connection from nearby Point of Presence - POP (building).