CBN Global Networks

CBN has one of the largest and most advanced networks in Indonesia. CBN's backbone network has thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable, uses advanced software-defined networking and has edge caching services to deliver fast, consistent and scalable performance.

In the year 2010, CBN has upgraded its International network coverage by presenting Akamai servers at CBN Data Center @ Cyber Two. Akamai Technologies is the world's largest content platform and with the presence of Akamai at our facility, all content towards Akamai ( has been localized and best of all we do not impose additional charges for this service.

Not only Akamai, CBN has also been directly connected with Facebook, Microsoft (Windows update, MSN Portals), Google (YouTube, Google Apps), Yahoo! (YM, Yahoo Portals), Amazon and many other more. These peering will definitely boost up your browsing experience towards these two giant world famous search engines along with their applications and other daily routines involving Internet.

Apart from that, we have a direct link to TATA (link to America and Australia), Singtel & NTT (link towards Asia), Telia Sonera (link towards Europe), China Telecom (exclusive link towards China), EQUINIX (backhaul link for South East Asia regions), EMIX - Emirates Internet Exchange (link towards Middle East regions), thus ensuring and guaranteeing you with multiple routes and backup connections at any given point of time. For further information regarding our upstream providers, feel free to visit

Customers will also have a chance to select their Internet routing preference should they decide to concentrate the traffic to any particular route, such as America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia, most important of all, these value added services are delivered to you at no additional cost.