CBN Internet Exchange

Indonesia Neutral Internet Exchange Networks

What is CBN Internet Exchange?

CBN Internet Exchange or Cyber 2 Internet eXchange (C2IX) with AS38158 is the option for ISP, Telecommunication Industry and Content Providers to connect their network to the Internet or to users.
C2IX is a neutral commercial Internet Exchange in Indonesia. It offers a lot of advantages with numbers of interconnection options, numbers of network peering and transit with a single connection.

C2IX is placed in NEX Data Center to provide you the best security and reliability. C2IX is supported by numbers of certified Network Engineer to ensure the network to run in the highest SLA to support your business.

We interconnect ISPs, International Carrier Operators, Mobile Operators, Content Providers, VoIP Providers, Application Developers, Web Hosts and other related businesses - All in all incorporated into one Internet Exchange: C2IX.

How to Connect to CBN Internet Exchange (C2IX)

C2IX users are required to obtain AS (Autonomous System) number and possess networks that are supported by BGP4ISP routing control protocol. Peering Agreement between C2IX member is a Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement (MLPA).
As for port utilization, members are allowed to utilize the port up to 80% of capacity. For port utilization over 80%, members are required to upgrade their connection or arrange a new connection to Switch Peering.

CBN Internet Exchange (C2IX) Advantage

  • The Latest and The Most Reliable Switching Peripheral

    The latest 2/3 Router Layer ensures maximum performance for your interconnection network.

  • Multiple of Interconnection Partners

    With growing numbers of interconnection partners, it allows you choose your own partner to interconnect with. C2IX provides public and private peering between partners through one connection in our Interconnection Switch.

  • Direct Connection to CBN Fiber Optic Infrastructure

    With Direct Connection to CBN Internet Exchange, you can connect directly to CBN Fiber Optic Infrastructure.

C2IX Server

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server Address:
IP Address,

Interconnection Point

C2IX can be interconnected in Cyber 2 Tower Jakarta, Indonesia.