CBN Fiber Optics Technology

We deliver the service with Fiber Optic as the primary backbone via our very own Metro-E Technology and we do not charge for any local loop fees for this redundancy, thus users can enjoy a more cost-effective package.

In addition to that, we have also placed additional equipments to support our own CBN Metro-E. For your information, CBN Metro-E allows you to have redundant connection, an Ethernet access ring resiliency, for sub 50 ms resiliency (should a cable failure was detected within the building) and highly efficient bandwidth aggregation in a switched Ethernet ring topology. Therefore, users will not experience any downtime since the connection will be backed up with the connection from nearby Point of Presence - POP (building).

Our customers are able to enjoy stable and smooth network connectivity through our Metro Ethernet Technology which has been connected with over 200 office buildings, malls and apartments in major cities in Indonesia.