CBN operates wide global networks and established partnership with numerous numbers of Tier-1 Providers for rapid access and shorter route.

What is IEPL

International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) is a point to point and point to multi-point dedicated-line data service with CBN Global Networks. IEPL Provides you with reliable and secure International connectivity for integrated data, voice and video transmission.

Today, Ethernet has become available in most major areas, therefore, you see more IEPL circuits. Depending on your specific requirements, there are alternative technologies available to satisfy your point-to-point connectivity requirements.

Advantages using CBN IEPL Technology

  1. Provide point to point and point to multipoint private line service.
  2. Through physical separation, the service provides customers with safe and dedicated service that you won't share bandwidth with anyone.
  3. Bandwidth can be adjusted according to actual bandwidth demands.
  4. Provide fully diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration capabilities to implement network protection.
  5. Provide fixed round-trip delay with low jitter rates.
  6. Enable to pass through the top-level services, so it allows you to send any combination of voice, data and video communications on the dedicate line.
  7. Our service is constantly monitored by CBN's Network Operation Centre, provide 7x24 hours of network monitoring and maintenance services.

International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) provides you with secure and reliable connectivity for integrated data, voice and video transmission with point to point. Our network infrastructure is designed with built-in SDH ring redundancy deployed over a fully digital private fiber optical infrastructure to ensure highest level of service availability and dedicated bandwidth.