CBN's Domestic and Global networks are running IPv6 dual stack and natively. We are connecting to many peers and upstreams directly over IPv6. This means that we're to have full IPv6 connectivity, and now we are making IPv6 available to our customers.

What is IPv6

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol, primarily with longer IP addresses (128 bit vs 32 bit for IPv4) to overcome the pending shortage of IPv4 addresses.
IPv6 allows us have enough addresses for quite some time (about 340 x 1036)

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IPv6 Benefits

Put it in analogy that IPv4 is like the grains in a sandbox. IPv6 is like grains of sand on all the beaches all over the world. Therefore, IPv6 offers much needed benefits than an IPv4 can offer.

  • Open the door for new generation devices because of the larger number of unique IP Addresses.
  • Plenty of address for everyone means home users will each have enough for billions of devices.
  • Allowance for every device to have its own IP address and allow for easier remote configuration.
  • An improve degree of connectivity will enable devices to interact directly around the world.