Leased Line

In today's business world, secure and reliable dependent business environment information is pivotal to success. The advent of new technologies has reduced communication barriers globally by interconnecting enterprises with leased lines, providing a clear channel between two end points. Now you too can benefit from CBN's Data Communication and secured Leased Line service.

We have covered Indonesia coverage with fiber optics available in major cities and connectivity with major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and NPLC (National Private Lease Circuit) service providers.

Our Leased Line service offers highly available, reliable, secure and scalable connectivity through leased circuits to enterprises with large communication requirements.

It enables you to combine a variety of telecommunication applications, including point-to-point voice, integrated data, and video. Leased Line service is an ideal solution for connections that are time and/or content sensitive as well as for establishing an integrated network to handle a variety of functions within an organizations wide area network.

Advantages using CBN Data Communication (Leased Line service)

  1. Provide point to point private line service.
  2. Through physical separation, the service provides customers with safe and dedicated service that you won't share bandwidth with anyone.
  3. Bandwidth can be adjusted according to actual bandwidth demands.
  4. Provide fully diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration capabilities to implement network protection.
  5. Provide fixed round-trip delay.
  6. Enable to pass through the top-level services, so it allows you to send any combination of voice, data and video communications on the dedicate line.
  7. Reliable leased line connectivity with SLA 99,5%.