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Quality Service

Quality of our services are significantly contributed by well designed work progress and the ability to look for improvements. At CBN, every work process is designed specifically to reach the best possible service to meet your demands. Learn more.

Internet Solutions

CBN Internet Solution has the most reliable network performance with multiple redundancies network in Indonesia for your business. Our latest fiber optics technology delivers the fastest bandwidth with up to 1 Tbps in CBN Metro Infrastructure Area.

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Internet Pioneer in Indonesia

Provide you with world class service and network engineers


Internet Clean Pipe

Anti DDoS Service in Indonesia
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CBN Fact

CBN has connected over 200 commercial buildings in Indonesia

Network Solutions

Our network connects through CBN Metro-Ethernet Network Technology Fiber Optic Infrastructure, whether it is inner-city or inter-city. CBN Data Communication is a local-loop service, designed to support data connection between your headquarters to all branch offices.

Clean Pipe Solution

Today's DDoS attacks are more frequent, complex and destructive than ever and they often result in loss of revenue, loss of customers, damage to brand, reduced availability of services and theft of vital data. Learn more

Managed Service

We provide you with numerous numbers of service customization, tailored to your requirements. Through professional management, your network performance will have optimum utilization of network bandwidth syncing with all of its applications.