• Supreme Connection

CBN Wireless Broadband Internet Service

CBN Xcess Soho Supreme is a wireless broadband internet service that offers you unlimited Internet access to global and local internet to enhance your business.

The service is delivered by our very own wireless infrastructure that run through 5.7 - 5.8 GHz government licensed frequency and designed to cover even the most unreachable area of Jakarta.

A Subscriber Unit (SU) will be installed in each customer's location to connect to our network. No more third-party infrastructure provider nor phone lines are required for the service.

All data-based activity starting from regular Internet access, file download, e-mail application, VPN through Internet, video conference, VoIP and other applications are going to run seamlessly with CBN Xcess Soho Supreme.

Service Support

  • Starting Bandwidth from 1.5 Mbps
  • Unlimited Internet Access with Single Static IP Address
  • Free CBN Email Service - 1 Corporate Domain
  • 24 Hours CBN Support Assistance
  • Ethernet based output interface (RJ45)

We are Here to Help

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