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CBN Broadband Internet Service

CBN Xcess Soho is a broadband internet service that provides you with 24/7 connection to global and local internet and guarantee you a reliable network performance anytime.

Using CBN fiber optic infrastructure in over 200 high rise buildings (CBN POP), we combined reliability and efficiency to fit your company needs. As we use the ring topology technology, we have designed the Metropolitan Area Network to meet the highest level of reliability.

With this service, you are connected directly to the Internet with the speed up to 500 Mbps, wired to the CBN's Ethernet-based equipment in your building. No more third-party infrastructure provider nor phone lines.

All data-based activity starting from regular Internet access, file download, e-mail application, VPN through Internet, video conference, VoIP and other applications are going to run seamlessly with CBN Xcess Soho.

Service Support

  • Starting Bandwidth from 6 Mbps
  • Unlimited Internet Access with Single Static IP Address
  • Free CBN Email Service - 1 Corporate Domain
  • 24 Hours CBN Support Assistance
  • Ethernet based output interface (RJ45)

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