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    Your Business

CBN Managed Service

Let CBN worry about your database administration, server configuration, wifi set up or load balancing while you focus on your business.

Focus on your Product

Rapidly develop, design and execute your business deals without worrying about system administration.

Customize your Needs

We provide you with numerous numbers of service customization, tailored to your requirements. Through professional management, your network performance will have optimum utilization of network bandwidth syncing with all of its applications.

Service Support

  • Network Solution
    • WAN/LAN/Wifi
    • Load Balance/Fail Over
    • Routing Management
    • PABX
  • Management Server Solution
    • Email/MX Filtering/Antivirus/Antispam
    • Virtual/Dedicated Private Server
    • FTP/Proxy/DNS/Monitoring
    • Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Security Solution
    • IP Filtering
    • Web/Content Filtering
    • Intrusion Prevention System
    • Security Assessment
  • Custom
    • PABX
    • Intranet
    • Ticketing System
    • Web Development
    • Server Maintenance

We are Here to Help

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