The following terminologies shall have the meanings and intended for the convenience of the parties in respect of the conditions set forth in (hereinafter referred to as Conditions of CBN Websites

1.    CBN Websites means group of internet sites directly operated and maintained by PT Cyberindo Aditama (CBN) and constitutes part of CBN Network.
2.    CBN Website means each site of CBN Websites, including design (layout, graphs, multimedia and others) content (scripting, engine, and integral part thereof) and all features (forum, consultancy, facilities and other features contained in CBN Websites) contained therein. 
3.    Feature means facilities available at CBN Websites and to ease communication, receive and send messages, data or file in various forms from or to the Website User, CBN, or CBN Partner
4.    Websites User means any person accessing CBN Websites, both passive visitors and those using interactive facilities (active), including Registered User
5.    Registered User means any person registered and entitled to access certain facilities of CBN Websites with registration
6.    CBN partner means other parties entering into agreement with CBN both commercial or other types of agreement utilizing CBN Websites

By accessing CBN Websites, the User agrees to be bound by and comply with the following conditions:


7.    CBN Websites shall be operated as means of public communication through which any person can access and use CBN Websites.
8.    Particular sections at CBN Websites will require registration to be completed and requirements to be fulfilled to access or use such section. 
9.    CBN shall have the full right to revise, add, remove, postpone with or without any specified timeframe, part or all sections of CBN Websites, including content, design, hyperlink, articles, interactive features or other facilities at CBN Websites, block or release blocking of Websites User, carry out maintenance or security both scheduled and otherwise in the case of emergency situation
10.    All Website Users using the CBN connection, access and CBN Websites must also comply with the conditions set forth in ‘Conditions of CBN Services


11.    WEBSITE Users must comply with all information and conditions set forth in the ‘CBN Websites Conditions', ‘CBN Network Policy’ and the laws of the Republic of Indonesia
12.    WEBSITE Users shall assume full responsibilities for all contents in any form whatsoever transmitted or  distributed via CBN Websites
13.    WEBSITE Users shall not be permitted to send or distribute message, statement, materials or files in any form whatsoever which may give rise to conflicts or dispute between and among WEBSITE Users or others causing inconvenience relating to ethnicity, religion, race and affiliation, politics, pornography and others
14.    WEBSITE Users shall not be permitted to exploit, modify and engage in any act which may result in the foregoing conditions in CBN Websites
15.    Other than CBN Partner shall not be permitted to provide hyperlink to any section of CBN Websites without the prior consent or mutual agreement with CBN
16.    CBN shall have the right  to suspend or remove all materials of any kind which are sent or distributed via CBN Websites, upon receipt of report or adequate evidence of non-compliance or violation of CBN Websites Conditions or order issued by the official investigator of the Republic of Indonesia


17.    Internet is a communication network operated by multi operators, both individual and institutions, in and from various parts of the world with varying cultural values and legal system. The content and material displayed at CBN Websites forms group of information and communication
18.    WEBSITE Users are public communities accessing the Internet from various places. CBN does not continuously monitor the activities of Website User and CBN assumes no responsibilities for all activities by Website User
19.    Part CBN Websites' section contains materials provided by CBN Partners or sent by Website User. CBN gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the content
20.    Part of the CBN Websites contain materials being part of the Intellectual Property Right. Website User shall not be permitted to use or use any CBN Sites in violation or infringement of Intellectual Property Right. 
21.    CBN makes no representation and warranties that the content and materials displayed will comply with moral standards of each Website User. However, , CBN will use its best endeavors to keep and maintain the norms applicable within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. CBN will receive reports from Website User and perform random monitoring (unscheduled )
22.    CBN assumes no responsibilities for the content displayed at CBN Websites as individually provided by CBN Partners or other parties its reasonable control
23.    CBN will use its best endeavors to improve the quality of CBN Websites in terms of security and convenience of Website User. CBN however makes no representation or warranty that CBN Websites will be free of error, virus, worm, or cyber attack by any means, defective software or hardware used to operate and maintain CBN Websites and interruption or access difficulties
24.    In operating and maintaining CBN Websites, Website User shall observe and comply with the following as limitation of liability of CBN:

o    Consulting Services: Consulting services will be organized with each of CBN Partner within their respective field of expertise. Each opinion /response /suggestion /information rendered in the consulting services shall not represent comment or response by CBN and shall not constitute absolute solution to various questions raised. CBN is not responsible for any disappointment, failure or loss in any form whatsoever arising out of consulting services between Website User and CBN PARTNER

o    Forum: Forum is made available as a means of communication among Website User. Although CBN is acting as moderator in each forum available, CBN performs no continuous monitoring over the forum available. Each Website User is responsible for the information /article/file/hyperlink sent through the forum

o    Advertisement: In addition to promotion and information on CBN, CBN assumes no warranty as to the suitability, accuracy and quality of advertisement posted by CBN PARTNER or Website User. All promotions by CBN and CBN PARTNER shall be made upon agreement and subject to verification between CBN and CBN PARTNER. All promotions and information shall be the responsibility of the advertiser.

o    Multimedia and Download Features: Each of these features will be provided in partnership with CBN PARTNER. CBN gives no warranty as to the quality of streaming file or other files accessible or downloadable. CBN highly appreciates and respects the Intellectual Property Right of the contents made available in this feature. CBN shall in no event justify and will prohibit any kind or piracy or infringement of Intellectual Property Right through use of all CBN services.


25.    These CBN Websites Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia
26.    All disputes and conflicts arising out of or relating to the CBN Websites services shall be amicably resolved.
27.    Failing the amicable resolution as above, the parties agree that all disputes and conflicts shall be subject to the subject to the competent jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia and referred to the South Jakarta District Court having competent jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia
28.    These CBN Websites conditions are made in Indonesian language and translated into other languages for purpose of convenience. All interpretations and definitions of the CBN Websites Conditions shall be made in Indonesian language.