Support: Wireless

What is CBN DirectNet?

CBN DirectNet is a broadband service with no FUP based on Ethernet which are available for both residential and businesses in various locations to meet customer’s need for a reliable internet service.

How can I subscribe to CBN DirectNet?

What does it mean by FUP?

Some ISP offers unlimited downloads but subjected to FUP, which may impact your internet usage

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits the usage of the user. So even though you have a 100 Mbps connection with unlimited downloads, your speed may be heavily limited at peak times and may be slowed down after you have reached the limit of the usage for that month. Our CBN Fiber Broadband gives you the truly unlimited service with the maximum speed at all times (no FUP).

How long does it take to activate the service?

After we received the registration form, proof of payment, and a copy of your identification card completely, it will take around 1-2 working days to activate the service.

How long does it take for the installation process?

During the visit, the installation process will take around 2-4 hours for it to complete.

What hardware do I need? Can I connect wirelessly?

You will need a wireless router to connect the internet wirelessly. You may use a wireless router, but please note that the connection speed will be divided according to the sharing process and the number of devices that you use

Does the connection affected by the weather?

Our antenna has lightning protection installed, so the effect of the weather on the connection will be very minimal and almost no effect.

What are the value added service?

A free, safe and secure CBN mail with 5GB storage capacity

Can I upgrade the service?

You can upgrade anytime, by filling the Account registration change form that you can download from

Send us the completed registration form through email along with a copy of your identification card (KTP/KIMS/Passport). Please note that the change of service will be charged and in effect on the next billing period after the registration.